Fall 2008 Community Grant Recipients

The Reading Tub is a non-profit for children’s literacy. The grant money will be used to create a project called “read it together”. The Reading Tub’s 100% volunteer workforce will put together a program and one page guide about how to help children learn to read.

Christ Episcopal Church has a prison outreach program and will use the grant money to host an Angel Tree Party for children who have one or both parents in jail and will not have parents with them at Christmas. This program allows presents selected by parents to be given to the children.

Region 10 Step Up Program began in March. This program takes homeless men and women off the street, brings them into a home, and helps them put together a plan for recovery in their lives. It provides them an apartment with new furniture, a permanent place for them to live. The grant will provide furniture for women’s apartments.

The International Rescue Committee is a private non-profit that helps refugees attain resettlement. There are 150 refugees here in Charlottesville. Their prior living arrangements may have been quite different from what is customary in the United States.  The IRC will use the grant money to provide hygiene kits and cleaning supplies as well as training in housekeeping skills.

The Women’s Initiative provides effective education and support to women. The grant money will help with a counseling program for women who are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Lighthouse Studio – On Common Ground is a media education center for teens. Their focus is on teens with media literacy. They are having a Sprout Film Festival on March 13th that focuses on special needs kids. The grant money will be used to partner One Lighthouse Studio teen with a special needs teen to make a film at Sprout Film Festival on March 13th.

Burnley Moran Elementary School will use the grant money for the after school extension club. This program engages student in their social and physical well-being. It includes health and fitness, extra curricular activities, and snacks for students.