Fall 2019 Community Grant Recipients

This fall, the Junior League of Charlottesville awarded three community grants totaling $10,000 to organizations in the Charlottesville community.

The first grant of $5,000 was awarded to Region Ten’s Women’s Center at Moore’s Creek to support the project: Healing Spaces at the Women’s Center.  Region Ten’s WCMC opened in 2018 and provides residential treatment to women struggling with substance abuse with the goal for each woman to complete treatment empowered, and with tools and skills to maintain recovery throughout their lives.  The project will create a nature infused space for community building, expressive art, nature connection, parent-child bonding through play, and mind-body skill practices.  Current residents will train and mentor new residents on utilizing this space for therapeutic support and learning skills that they may take with them when they leave WCMC.

The second grant of $1,500 was awarded to Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/Albemarle to support the project: Women-Only English Literacy Educational Activities.  LVCA is the primary local provider of free basic literacy and English language tutoring for adults who read or speak English at the 5th grade level or below and most students do not have English as their native language.  This program will establish conversation groups, field trips, and workshops to help augment instruction by one-on-one tutoring.  Improving English language skills allows women to be more able to participate in their community and pursue additional independence-furthering goals including enrolling in additional education, taking an active role in their child’s education, learning about community issues and registering to vote, and taking an active role in their own healthcare.

The third grant of $3,500 was awarded to Child Health Partnership to support the project: Neighborhood Girls Empowerment Group.  The CHP neighborhood team offers outreach in some of Charlottesville’s most under-resourced neighborhoods.  This program will meet 1-2 times per month and reach young teen girls aged 12-17 in Friendship Court, Greenstone at 5th, and Westhaven.  Through peer group activities, field trips, and guest speakers, girls are exposed to new people, professions, arts, culture, relational skill-building, and self-care.  The project addresses the needs of girls for improved self-esteem and confidence, awareness of educational and career opportunities, and long-term supportive relationships with peers and adults.  

JLC is very pleased to support three projects that align closely to our focus: empowering women through mentorship.