Junior League of Charlottesville

Membership Information

Today, the Junior League of Charlottesville (JLC) has almost 400 Provisional (new members who must complete their first year of requirements), Active and Sustaining members. Our membership includes executives, community leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers and professional women from diverse backgrounds. As an organization, we empower our members to serve as catalysts for positive change throughout Charlottesville, working collaboratively with our non-profit partners. The JLC has been, and will continue to be, an instrumental force for positive change in our community.

Member Groups and Activities

The JLC has many opportunities for members to make new friendships and stay connected with each other beyond our community and event offerings. Member Interest groups provide opportunities for women to connect with one another outside their committee placement.

Benefits of Membership

  • Connections – We connect to communities in need, to people we serve and to those we serve with.
  • Training – Our “on-the-job” training through volunteering provides new skills for lifelong use. We have programs that help train for effective community service and leadership, including finance, fundraising, leadership, public relations and marketing, advocacy and personal development.
  • Pursuit of Interests – Opportunity to engage with like-minded women and pursue common interests.
  • Leadership Development – Opportunities to serve on community Boards of Directors and chair committees that make an impact in the community.
  • Community Impact – We take pride in our awareness of community needs and opportunities to contribute to solutions so that we can continue to make a positive impact in the community.
  • Membership Transferability – League membership is transferable throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and England.
  • New friends and opportunities - For continued growth and personal fulfillment.

Duties of Provisional Membership

Successful completion of the Provisional Year allows members to become Active Members.

  • Provisional Membership Meetings – Attend 4/5
  • General Membership Meetings – Attend 4/4 
  • Pay Dues – $195 ($145 dues, $50 prov. class fee)
  • Literacy Credit – Complete one literacy-focused event
  • Mistletoe Market Tickets – Sell 2 at $5/each
  • Dogwood Deals Tickets – Sell 2 at $5/each
  • Dogwood Deals Donation – Donate $100 in goods
  • Fundraising Shift – Complete one 4-hour shift
  • PIADs - 12 hours (usually in 3-4 hour shifts)
  • Training – Attend 1
  • Orientation – Attend 1 orientation session 
  • Kids In The Kitchen or Girls of Summer - actively participate in committee placement; complete a shift on the day of the event

    *Mistletoe Market and Dogwood Deals obligations based upon 2015-2016 requirements and are subject to change

How to Apply

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